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At The Grand Hotel, we offer more than just a stay

Our three unique stay options promise to blend sophistication with comfort, making you feel right at home with our team’s warm hospitality.  

And, of course, the vibrant atmosphere has been a hallmark of our memorable evenings for generations.    

A Story to Tell 

The Grand Hotel of Serre Chevalier, established in 1947, holds a special place as the resort’s first hotel. Over 70 years, it has woven itself into the fabric of history.

The Refuge, beloved by skiers for many years, shares this rich legacyWe’ve lovingly maintained the soul of these places, blending tradition with modern elegance.      


A Signature Style  

The essence of Grand Hotel lies in its understated yet captivating ambiance, a creation born from the minds of Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the renowned architect of the Chalets, and Olivier Frémont, our esteemed Aix-en-Provence interior designer.

It’s a place where simplicity meets sophistication

Explore in Pictures 

Three locations, three atmospheres.

Each space boasts a decor that’s both inviting and elegant, a constant thread of our design philosophy.  

Click here to see The Hotel****, The Refuge, and The Chalets come to life.