Restaurant & BarA moment to enjoy

8:40 am

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal, especially with a beautiful day of skiing ahead!  But frankly I wasn’t expecting such a treat: cereal, pastries, conserves, eggs, bacon, coffee, tea and hot chocolate… Everything is provided, savoury and sweet flavours, fresh food, soft, warm and creamy delights for holiday mornings…

An invigorating meal in this friendly and luminous room really inspires me, but who knows, maybe tomorrow we’ll lie in and have breakfast in bed.

  • Self service buffet from 7:30am to 10am
  • Continental breakfast served in your room

Schuss, bumps and lunch cravings

Three hours into skiing, and I’ve rediscovered the sensations I love so much: gliding as if I was floating, being taken by the flow, flirting with the snow at each curve. Then time to recharge batteries, what better than the tastiest burger in town while warming up on the terrace?

  • A selection of snacks, with the chef’s touch
  • Nonstop service from 11am to 5:30pm
  • Sandwiches made on demand, with fresh produce
  • Crêpes, waffles, french toast and lemon meringue pie.

An avalanche of flavours | Les Planches


In the evening, the atmosphere in the restaurant Les Planches is different: it’s all about convivial cheer around big tables, in a familial spirit; it’s cosy and welcoming with comfy armchairs, subdued lights and efficient, yet relaxed service. And then this explosion of flavours exhilarates the palate; you can tell the food is prepared with love. As if we had invited a chef to cook for us at home. And I daren’t talk about the desserts!

  • Service from 7pm to 9:30pm
  • Individual casseroles
  • Fresh products and homemade cuisine
  • A menu from 29 euros
  • A selection of established wines and vineyards to discover

> Book your table online at Restaurant Les Planches

Breaking the ice

Night is falling, slowly, on Serre Chevalier. Today on the slopes, we made friends with a lovely family, and tonight while the kids play in the games room, we’re eating delicious tapas together, toasting friendship and holidays.

  • Vintage lounge bar with familial atmosphere
  • A selection of cocktails, from classics to homemade creations
  • Large choice of drinks
  • Tasty tapas
  • Young and dynamic staff
  • Service from 4pm to 1am every day