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Summits and Gore-Tex ®

I have found my new base camp in Serre Chevalier, at the Aventure Ski shop located in the hotel and owned by the Melquiond family. Excellent quality shoes, hiking sticks, professional climbing gear, electric mountain bikes for hire and more; adventures are so much better when you are comfortable and have great advice! And I’ve discovered the pleasure of sporting holidays with just the right equipment. I bought the key items – walking boots, swimming costume, flasks and rucksacks – and hired mountain bikes for the children and harnesses and ropes for us!

by Jules Melquiond
Le Grand Hôtel de Serre Chevalier
Place du téléphérique
05330 Serre Chevalier

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The best summer brands can be found at Aventure Ski:

  • A new sales and rental area inside the Grand Hôtel
  • The same values of quality and expertise that you will find in the hotel
  • Direct access to the hiking trails from the shop
  • Highly qualified professionals offering sound advice tailored to each person’s level, time and desires
  • Electric Lapierre mountain bikes for hire
  • All the professional equipment you need for via ferrata, mountain hiking and climbing can be bought or simply hired per day or per week.
  • An excellent choice of shoes, summer clothing and accessories