Restaurant & BarA moment to enjoy

8:40 am

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day, especially with a packed day of sport ahead! But I must admit I wasn’t expecting this! Cereals, bread, pastries, preserves, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, eggs, meats… savoury, sweet, fresh, hot and creamy dishes, they are all here!

How wonderful to build up our strength before embarking on a via ferrata or a morning’s paragliding, a canyoning or climbing session, a hike or some whitewater sports! Perhaps tomorrow we can have a lie-in and breakfast in bed!

  • Self service buffet from 7:30am to 10am
  • Continental breakfast served in your room

Slopes & lunch | L’Annexe

I’ve already hiked for three hours. The mountains are as beautiful as ever and nature just as restorative. It’s wonderful to rediscover the sensation of scaling rocks, walking along pebbly paths surrounded by aromatic plants, watching out for small timid animals, contemplating the breath-taking views as I fill my lungs with pure air. Then it’s time to recharge my batteries with the best burger in Serre Chevalier, relaxing on the terrace with the sun gently warming my face.

  • The chef’s fresh take on snacks
  • Service from 11 am to 9:30 pm for drinks, cocktails & tapas
  • All dishes made to order using fresh produce | Lunch from 12:00 to 2:30 pm
  • Large selection of sweets to enjoy on the terrace by the pool

Culanira heights & peaks | Restaurant Les Planches


The restaurant Les Planches has such a different atmosphere in the evening, with subdued lighting, comfortable chairs, large welcoming tables, cheerful voices, relaxed but efficient service and a real family feel. And then there’s an explosion of flavours, cuisine that titillates the taste buds, small dishes prepared with love. It’s as if a Chef had come into our home! And I can’t even begin to describe the mouth-watering desserts!

  • Service from 7 to 9.30 pm
  • Fresh produce and home-made dishes
  • Menu from 29 euros
  • A wine list containing old favourites and new finds

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Sanctuary & cruched ice

Evening has gently fallen over the village. We hit it off with a charming family during a memorable kayak descent. While the children play in the games rooms, the parents are enjoying tapas and toasting the good weather, holidays, friendship and happiness!

  • A lounge bar for all the family
  • Incredible cocktails and special creations
  • A vast choice of aperitifs
  • A delicious tapas menu
  • A young, dynamic team
  • Service from 4 pm to 1 am every day